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Pandemonium at Fowle Hall

Saturday 12th May at 2.00pm and 7.00pm

Sunday 13th May at 2.00pm

Just £8 for Adults & £6 for Concessions

His Lordship's faithful butler Savage, along with Maggie the maid, look forward to the arrival of their own respective nieces for a short, relaxing holiday. His Lordship has apparently advertised for a new cook.  This at least should allow the resourceful Maggie time to relax a little....


An unannounced American film producer arrives with the intention of using Fowle Hall for his next blockbuster! Should be simple - get in, get what he has come for and then get out - what could be easier.  Now all he needs to do is find his Lordship to seal the deal.


Next, throw in a countess who likes a little drink (and I don’t mean tea!), an apparently short stature chauffeur, pour in an over-zealous bodyguard, a few more kids and a  a meticulous cleaner with unusual interests, to mix it all up…. What could possibly go wrong?